How I Got My Teeth Whiter In Just A Week

A week after… and I can wear rouge now!

Note: This is a legit review

My Story:

It was only until I reached college that I became conscious of my oral hygiene. In fact, when I was a girl, I could care less about having to brush my teeth. I even remember hiding from my mom whenever she calls me to brush my teeth. It is like I’m having Odontarrupophobia.

I didn’t took good care of my teeth before that is why I always get cavities and have two of my permanent teeth extracted. As I got older, my teeth became yellowish… and apart.

Not so captivating smile

I found it hideous. Moreover, I extremely regretted my irresponsible attitude towards brushing. It was only until I became a young adult that I realized the things that my mom said.

When I had my first job, and had an income of my own, I immediately spent it to the dentist. I get braces which will adjust my teeth for a year and, probably, a few months. But then, a killer smile won’t be deadly if my teeth is stained, so I tried everything in my desperation.

I tried almost all of those commercialized whitening toothpastes that you see on television–one of them that says you can get white teeth instantly, which is utter bollocks. I even went to try those messy natural remedies–banana skin, lemon, baking soda (my nightmare), and others.

I stopped in a while because it was a waste of time and money. If you’re asking why I just didn’t had my dentist fix my problem, well, I’m telling you, it cost a fortune.

Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste:

Well, I’m telling you right now. If you are not really that obstinate to have a pearl white teeth, then just go and skim this blog article. But if you are just like me, then be my guest and keep reading.

I was a tea fan, I am still, but ever since I used Nu Skin Ap24, I have to discipline myself and refrain myself from eating food that badly stains the teeth. Of course, even if we say that the AP24 is effective, you won’t be a satisfied customer if you’re being adamant and perverse. Moreover, you will just waste your money. So help yourself and do the basics.


All of the reviews I watched are positive, though they have mentioned some downsides, but overall, they convinced me that it will be worth my penny. One review that really made me say that this product is the one is this demo.

I was horrified by this review because several fishes died, but it proves that AP24 is non-toxic.

The above snippet of the video was very convincing that it led me to the Nu Skin AP24 page. As you can see, the fish inside the glass, with Nu Skin toothpaste, is still alive even after the video ended (the other one is in a clean water). It only proves that the AP24 is non-toxic to people and to animals.

I even learned that dentists from other countries uses this toothpaste to their clients. This just proves more that Nu Skin AP24 is credible enough to be your new whitening toothpaste.

Furthermore, the Philippines Food and Drug Administration even recognize this product.


I am using the product for almost two weeks now and I am very satisfied with the outcome. As you will see from my after photos below, the product is effective and hiyang to me.

Although it is not really that pearl white right now, I still have to continuously use the product to see it for myself. In my routine of brushing at least 3 times a day, and not smoking and drinking coffee (tea for once a week only), my teeth will probably get to my expected shade.

Message me to know more on how to get this product!

Try AP24 now and I swear you won’t regret it! Say goodbye to that yellow teeth!

PS: I strongly recommend this product to heavy smokers and coffee/tea drinkers.


Bye College! Hello Adult Life!


Hi! This is the author speaking (or writing). Well, enough with the corny introduction, I’m here to show you what I did on the day of my college commencement exercise.

Since my graduation is early in the morning, 8:00 AM to be exact, I did my own make-up and styling. It’s a good thing that I already went to wax and thread out those unwanted hair, so I’ll be lookin’ fresh on my graduation day (yow!).

Add that Snapchat filter for a PAK! GANERN! effects

My grandma came for my graduation, so I’m really happy and excited!! (Doki doki suru!!)

Selfie with my Madera the first!

My whole family was there too! Who wouldn’t be happy to rock their toga?

Coz selfie’s the way!

Here’s some live videos of my graduation, well most of the content are just me being the overly active me. (Open link below to view videos)

Officially Graduated!

FB LIVE: Commencement Exercise

FB LIVE: Malapit na kami

FB LIVE: Got my diploma!

Guess what? I just received the diploma holder not the diploma itself. #OhWell

Of course! I won’t forget to have photos with my beloved friends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More photos on my FB!

Here’s a shot of my batch mates!


I spy… Euei!

These past 3 years has been one hella ride. College taught me and showed me a lot of things. Who would’ve thought that a half-hearted, unconfident, self-doubting Faye would turn out to be a strong, versatile, and mature Euei? I never did. I just believed in myself that whatever trial I may encounter, I can surpass it.

Now, that I finally put the tassel on my left, I am ready to fully pursue my dreams. I just need to plow out some weeds I guess?

Adult life… bring it on!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset



To all students who are doubting right now like I did before, if everybody’s telling you that you can’t do it, sino ba sila? sila ba ikaw? NO. You know your capacities and capabilities. Why not try first before giving up? I promise you won’t regret it.

That’s all. Au revoir!


Mata ne!