I Got A Korean Feast For A Reasonable Price!

Yes, that is right.

We all know that Korean restaurants are expensive in the Philippines. One dish will cost you at around 300-450 pesos. A single serve of ramyeon, for instance, is already worth Php 300-350. A class-A beef, on the other hand, will empty your wallets without even noticing it.

If you want to enjoy a good Korean meal, I recommend not to go solo, but to dine with your family or friends. In other words, the more company you got, the cheaper the food will be.

How it all happened?

It all happened happened last Feb 24, Thursday. I was invited by my work colleagues, Ms. Chol and Ms. Jessica, to have our lunch at a Korean restaurant. When I asked Ms. Chol how much the usual price of the food there, she told me that I can order a meal for Php 350. EXPENSIVE! I can have three (3) C1 +  one (1) Jolly Spaghetti at Jollibee for that amount of money. I became reluctant because: (1) it’s expensive for just a meal, (2) I’m saving money, (3) I didn’t bring extra. So, I told my workmate that I’ll pass this time.

Later that noon, I saw them prepping up to go and have their lunch-out. They insist me to go again even though I already convinced myself not to. Ms. Chol, my sunbae, jokingly told me to just eat the side dishes if I don’t feel like buying.

I feel ashamed regretting their invitation after they invited me again, and I also realized that it has been a while since I ate something Korean, so I’ve decided to give myself a treat. I’ve also been eating greens for consecutive days already, so I justified to myself that I need a little flavor on my plate.

Da rae jung Korean Restaurant

Since I work near HK Sun Plaza, where there are several Korean Restaurants, taking a trip was not that time consuming.

At first, I thought that there won’t be much people since Seaside is not that populated, or so I thought. When we went to Da rae jung Korean Restaurant, we had to wait for 5 mins because the resto was fully booked. The place was filled of Koreans! Little did I know that that the aforementioned resto is very popular. To Koreans. In the Philippines. I think?

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Here’s the actual photo of the restaurant when it was still packed:

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Looking for My Oppa!
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(From left) Ms. Jessica, Alex, Carla, Jackie, Ms. Chol, and Me!

While I was looking at their menu, I literally held my wallet tightly, but then the food looked great so I’m forgave myself for giving up to temptation.

You can learn more about Da rae jung and its menu here.

Aesthetic wise, their interior is spacious and neat. Although its not really outstanding, the restaurant looks presentable. They even have this space where you can dine while sitting on the platform. Furthermore, they have private rooms.

The two doors there are the restaurant’s private rooms.

My other colleague, Alex, and I decided to order two (2) dishes and divide the expenses. In that way, we won’t have to worry about what we want to eat. We can try different dishes since each is already good for 2.

We agreed to have Beef Belly Barbecue (Samgyeopsal-gui) and Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry (Jjapchae). Each costs Php 350 and Php 400, respectively. I paid half of the total which is Php 375. Our group expense, however, was like below Php 2,000 which is reasonable for six people. I even got a take-out!

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These dishes are great!

With us six, just imagine how are table looked!

Got spoiled with so many food!

Dining with a group of people can be really strategic. Each can order a different dish and share it with others. In that way, you will be able to taste the restaurant’s menu. No one will have to spend a penny more just to have another order, unless that person intends to do so.

We were also given two bowl of Steamed Egg from the house as an apology after they forgot to give Jackie’s order when she came the last time. Although Jackie’s fine with it, they still gave her forgotten order aside from the Steamed Egg.

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My new favorite! 5 stars!

Here’s what our feast looked like:

Side dishes are unlimited! Everything is worth your penny!

The waiter also cut the pork meat in front of us. Unfortunately, there’s no available grill for our order, so we were not the one who cooked our Samgyeopsal-gui.

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The forgotten dish of Ms. Jackie!

On the other hand, I saw my oppa on an unexpected place.

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I also tried to consume one whole leaf of Samgyeopsal-gui.

Although I spent my money on food again, like nothing ever changed, I have no regrets because the food was heavenly. The staff are also approachable and kind.

I will definitely comeback here again with family or friends next time!

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‘Till next time!


About the Restaurant:

Da rae jung Korean Reaturant

Address: HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Blvd., Libertad, Pasay City

Phone: 836-0404

Opens 11 AM to 12 Midnight


Soft Push on the Back


Do you know or remember the song Just Once by James Ingram? It’s not really my favorite song, but the first line of the song just give me the feels.

I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.

If you will limit your understanding of the song to just a love song, then you won’t really see the deeper meaning to it, most especially if you’re someone who’s having difficulty about achieving your goals or dreams.

Poetic of me? Kinda. Dramatic of me? Maybe.

Actually, I set aside all the important things I should be doing right now. I’ve decided to because I can’t work feeling burdened; feeling heavy. I need to load off in order for me to work faster.

Let me tell you my story on how I got into this position.

Honestly speaking, I was that person who does things halfheartedly. May this be small things, like doing daily exercises or daily journals, to big things, like being involve with extra-curricular activities or tasked to write a news article. Now that I remember it, I haven’t really finished something that I can brag about. Not actually to even finish a goddamn poem unless it’s for class and I’m under time pressure. I was a loafer in an informal term.

My younger self prefers procrastinating a lot– just watch TV series or just read comic books or novels–  than do things like running around and deal with stressing things. My younger self would probably set aside her homework to pirate the latest songs on Billboard or stalk her crushes’ profile on Facebook or Twitter. My younger self would probably make an excuse that she is actually patient– patient in waiting for that new movie on YouTube to load if WiFi is bloody slow. My younger self is actually nothing but a free loader and problem builder in the house.

Yes, I was that useless. Yes, I was that irresponsible. And I got what I deserve.

I got demoted from my position in my varsity, though my adviser still considered my seniority; I got grades that was really disappointing; I got more bullies because of my sloppy look and poor interpersonal skills; I got close friends who just became acquaintances.

I asked myself what happened wrong– blamed the people, the scenario, the life I had– never really asking what efforts did I do in order to get what I want? I blamed myself for being born the way I am. I tried to change, but it seems like I only became a laughing-stock. I tried to be more authoritative by joining the CAT in order to gain respect, but only made people notice my feckless personality.

One day, I suddenly asked myself a question: what is my purpose in this world? If you will analyze me, I have no established talent, no high IQ, no overwhelming wealth. I practically have nothing.

Here are the tweets I posted to remind myself about the great responsibility that came after I accepted the opportunities that came to me. Pardon for my punctuation, I was really emotional when I was writing it.