In My Dream

*A Pabebe Ode*

I wake up every morning feeling so blue
and I just can’t help but cry in my room
cause every time I open my eyes I know
that dreams won’t come true

I sip my cofee with you in mind
would this day be just like the usual times
kept on thinking how to be closer to you
until the day dies

It’s a cycle, an ever ending routine
Can’t you be lover, can’t you be my king?

In my dream we are in a magic land
you and me, together, holding hands
When the sun falls asleep you’re still in my side
stroking my head; singing a lullabye

In my dream you like me more than I do
Your feeling’s wider than the sky so blue
As the ocean’s bed cannot be reached
same in reality, I cry in grief

I don’t want to wake up
Can you not make the night stop?

In the day you are as cold as ice
but you have this charisma that I can’t deny
and wherever you go my eyes follow you
automatically, uncontrollably

Even if I know you won’t return
these feelings that I’ve been wanting to burn
I’m happy just to see you smile
making my day last for a while

I’ll just meet you later,
I’ll see you later in my dreams.


Oxygen Dust

Discern my shadow from thy cimmerian atrocious vow.

Quest for my trace;

Be desperate like I’ll vanish in the haze.

Need me, desire me,

Realise how you can’t breath without me.

And when you finally fathomed the copious reasons behind these melancholic eyes,

Call my name and apologise.

By then, I’ll appear to you refurbished, usual, and with a sympathetic guise.