How I Got My Teeth Whiter In Just A Week

A week after… and I can wear rouge now!

Note: This is a legit review

My Story:

It was only until I reached college that I became conscious of my oral hygiene. In fact, when I was a girl, I could care less about having to brush my teeth. I even remember hiding from my mom whenever she calls me to brush my teeth. It is like I’m having Odontarrupophobia.

I didn’t took good care of my teeth before that is why I always get cavities and have two of my permanent teeth extracted. As I got older, my teeth became yellowish… and apart.

Not so captivating smile

I found it hideous. Moreover, I extremely regretted my irresponsible attitude towards brushing. It was only until I became a young adult that I realized the things that my mom said.

When I had my first job, and had an income of my own, I immediately spent it to the dentist. I get braces which will adjust my teeth for a year and, probably, a few months. But then, a killer smile won’t be deadly if my teeth is stained, so I tried everything in my desperation.

I tried almost all of those commercialized whitening toothpastes that you see on television–one of them that says you can get white teeth instantly, which is utter bollocks. I even went to try those messy natural remedies–banana skin, lemon, baking soda (my nightmare), and others.

I stopped in a while because it was a waste of time and money. If you’re asking why I just didn’t had my dentist fix my problem, well, I’m telling you, it cost a fortune.

Nu Skin AP24 Whitening Toothpaste:

Well, I’m telling you right now. If you are not really that obstinate to have a pearl white teeth, then just go and skim this blog article. But if you are just like me, then be my guest and keep reading.

I was a tea fan, I am still, but ever since I used Nu Skin Ap24, I have to discipline myself and refrain myself from eating food that badly stains the teeth. Of course, even if we say that the AP24 is effective, you won’t be a satisfied customer if you’re being adamant and perverse. Moreover, you will just waste your money. So help yourself and do the basics.


All of the reviews I watched are positive, though they have mentioned some downsides, but overall, they convinced me that it will be worth my penny. One review that really made me say that this product is the one is this demo.

I was horrified by this review because several fishes died, but it proves that AP24 is non-toxic.

The above snippet of the video was very convincing that it led me to the Nu Skin AP24 page. As you can see, the fish inside the glass, with Nu Skin toothpaste, is still alive even after the video ended (the other one is in a clean water). It only proves that the AP24 is non-toxic to people and to animals.

I even learned that dentists from other countries uses this toothpaste to their clients. This just proves more that Nu Skin AP24 is credible enough to be your new whitening toothpaste.

Furthermore, the Philippines Food and Drug Administration even recognize this product.


I am using the product for almost two weeks now and I am very satisfied with the outcome. As you will see from my after photos below, the product is effective and hiyang to me.

Although it is not really that pearl white right now, I still have to continuously use the product to see it for myself. In my routine of brushing at least 3 times a day, and not smoking and drinking coffee (tea for once a week only), my teeth will probably get to my expected shade.

Message me to know more on how to get this product!

Try AP24 now and I swear you won’t regret it! Say goodbye to that yellow teeth!

PS: I strongly recommend this product to heavy smokers and coffee/tea drinkers.


I Got A Korean Feast For A Reasonable Price!

Yes, that is right.

We all know that Korean restaurants are expensive in the Philippines. One dish will cost you at around 300-450 pesos. A single serve of ramyeon, for instance, is already worth Php 300-350. A class-A beef, on the other hand, will empty your wallets without even noticing it.

If you want to enjoy a good Korean meal, I recommend not to go solo, but to dine with your family or friends. In other words, the more company you got, the cheaper the food will be.

How it all happened?

It all happened happened last Feb 24, Thursday. I was invited by my work colleagues, Ms. Chol and Ms. Jessica, to have our lunch at a Korean restaurant. When I asked Ms. Chol how much the usual price of the food there, she told me that I can order a meal for Php 350. EXPENSIVE! I can have three (3) C1 +  one (1) Jolly Spaghetti at Jollibee for that amount of money. I became reluctant because: (1) it’s expensive for just a meal, (2) I’m saving money, (3) I didn’t bring extra. So, I told my workmate that I’ll pass this time.

Later that noon, I saw them prepping up to go and have their lunch-out. They insist me to go again even though I already convinced myself not to. Ms. Chol, my sunbae, jokingly told me to just eat the side dishes if I don’t feel like buying.

I feel ashamed regretting their invitation after they invited me again, and I also realized that it has been a while since I ate something Korean, so I’ve decided to give myself a treat. I’ve also been eating greens for consecutive days already, so I justified to myself that I need a little flavor on my plate.

Da rae jung Korean Restaurant

Since I work near HK Sun Plaza, where there are several Korean Restaurants, taking a trip was not that time consuming.

At first, I thought that there won’t be much people since Seaside is not that populated, or so I thought. When we went to Da rae jung Korean Restaurant, we had to wait for 5 mins because the resto was fully booked. The place was filled of Koreans! Little did I know that that the aforementioned resto is very popular. To Koreans. In the Philippines. I think?

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Here’s the actual photo of the restaurant when it was still packed:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Looking for My Oppa!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
(From left) Ms. Jessica, Alex, Carla, Jackie, Ms. Chol, and Me!

While I was looking at their menu, I literally held my wallet tightly, but then the food looked great so I’m forgave myself for giving up to temptation.

You can learn more about Da rae jung and its menu here.

Aesthetic wise, their interior is spacious and neat. Although its not really outstanding, the restaurant looks presentable. They even have this space where you can dine while sitting on the platform. Furthermore, they have private rooms.

The two doors there are the restaurant’s private rooms.

My other colleague, Alex, and I decided to order two (2) dishes and divide the expenses. In that way, we won’t have to worry about what we want to eat. We can try different dishes since each is already good for 2.

We agreed to have Beef Belly Barbecue (Samgyeopsal-gui) and Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry (Jjapchae). Each costs Php 350 and Php 400, respectively. I paid half of the total which is Php 375. Our group expense, however, was like below Php 2,000 which is reasonable for six people. I even got a take-out!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
These dishes are great!

With us six, just imagine how are table looked!

Got spoiled with so many food!

Dining with a group of people can be really strategic. Each can order a different dish and share it with others. In that way, you will be able to taste the restaurant’s menu. No one will have to spend a penny more just to have another order, unless that person intends to do so.

We were also given two bowl of Steamed Egg from the house as an apology after they forgot to give Jackie’s order when she came the last time. Although Jackie’s fine with it, they still gave her forgotten order aside from the Steamed Egg.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
My new favorite! 5 stars!

Here’s what our feast looked like:

Side dishes are unlimited! Everything is worth your penny!

The waiter also cut the pork meat in front of us. Unfortunately, there’s no available grill for our order, so we were not the one who cooked our Samgyeopsal-gui.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
The forgotten dish of Ms. Jackie!

On the other hand, I saw my oppa on an unexpected place.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I also tried to consume one whole leaf of Samgyeopsal-gui.

Although I spent my money on food again, like nothing ever changed, I have no regrets because the food was heavenly. The staff are also approachable and kind.

I will definitely comeback here again with family or friends next time!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

‘Till next time!


About the Restaurant:

Da rae jung Korean Reaturant

Address: HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Blvd., Libertad, Pasay City

Phone: 836-0404

Opens 11 AM to 12 Midnight

Don’t ever trust Google translate.

Halaman, or Plant in English, is a living organism typically growing in a permanent site, absorbing water and inorganic substances through its roots, and synthesizing nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis using the green pigment chlorophyll…okay, stop. In order words, they’re asexual living organisms.

We used the word Halaman to analogize the state of being of someone who doesn’t have any sexual feelings or desires to the opposite sex. Being asexual is also, somewhat, relates to being a celibate–a person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations.  However, celibacy is already far from being a halaman. Probably, the nearest word to describe this is Alexythimia.

Alexythimia derives from Greek, which literally means, having no words for emotions. According to Psychiatrictimes.comalexithymia implies a glitch in the process that permits the expression of feelings in words that capture the body’s involvement in these feelings. Though this is a very specific term for emotionally detached people… ooppss… did I just say “emotionally detached?” Yes, that is right. Halaman people are emotionally detached people.

You mad at me for beating around the bush? Well, I just want to let you know the clinical term for this. Peace!

So to those people who doesn’t really give a piece of sh*t about St. Valentine’s Day or others call it, Self Awareness Day or Independence Day, I made some compilation of quotes, tweets, and memes for you.

1) This time when you starred at a Jollibee commercial

“I never felt like a superstar before!”

2) When you’re just really dead on the inside


3) Or maybe your zodiac sign is really Aquarius?

Happy graduation my halaman friend!

4) When you’re not a bitter gourd this Valentines

Best halaman friend award goes to…

5) When you’re doubting yourself, you know what to do


6) When your friend is annoying you with food


7) Hail to the Halaman Anthem!


Even though you’re a halaman, don’t worry. There’s still someone out there who loves you (even though you won’t ever love them back, perhaps?).

Happy Halaman Day!

Screenshot from Love Myself



Bye College! Hello Adult Life!


Hi! This is the author speaking (or writing). Well, enough with the corny introduction, I’m here to show you what I did on the day of my college commencement exercise.

Since my graduation is early in the morning, 8:00 AM to be exact, I did my own make-up and styling. It’s a good thing that I already went to wax and thread out those unwanted hair, so I’ll be lookin’ fresh on my graduation day (yow!).

Add that Snapchat filter for a PAK! GANERN! effects

My grandma came for my graduation, so I’m really happy and excited!! (Doki doki suru!!)

Selfie with my Madera the first!

My whole family was there too! Who wouldn’t be happy to rock their toga?

Coz selfie’s the way!

Here’s some live videos of my graduation, well most of the content are just me being the overly active me. (Open link below to view videos)

Officially Graduated!

FB LIVE: Commencement Exercise

FB LIVE: Malapit na kami

FB LIVE: Got my diploma!

Guess what? I just received the diploma holder not the diploma itself. #OhWell

Of course! I won’t forget to have photos with my beloved friends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More photos on my FB!

Here’s a shot of my batch mates!


I spy… Euei!

These past 3 years has been one hella ride. College taught me and showed me a lot of things. Who would’ve thought that a half-hearted, unconfident, self-doubting Faye would turn out to be a strong, versatile, and mature Euei? I never did. I just believed in myself that whatever trial I may encounter, I can surpass it.

Now, that I finally put the tassel on my left, I am ready to fully pursue my dreams. I just need to plow out some weeds I guess?

Adult life… bring it on!

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset



To all students who are doubting right now like I did before, if everybody’s telling you that you can’t do it, sino ba sila? sila ba ikaw? NO. You know your capacities and capabilities. Why not try first before giving up? I promise you won’t regret it.

That’s all. Au revoir!


Mata ne!

15 Memorable Experiences on my First Trip Abroad

Before I bid “Adieu!” to my college days and “Salut” to my adulthood, I’ve decided to make a memorable experience by joining the Pan-Asia Model United Nations 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan, last November 9-16 2015.

Although the journey before I set my feet on the soil of the formerly known Formosa was not that piece of a cake, I still enjoyed it.

Allow me to show you the highlights during my first travel abroad (though mostly, we just attended the conference).

1. Our pre-departure

Selfie with my mom before I leave!


Selfie with friends!!

Of course, I wouldn’t miss to have a photo in our Team Benilde hoodie!

And this clingy pose with Ricca!



This obligatory passport (with Team Benilde hoodie) photo

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Gotta love our hoodie!!

This before and after



It was my first time, but it didn’t feel like my first at all (WHAT?). Maybe that was because I was with my friends and a very caring and understanding adviser.

2. The flight and arrival

Loving the sea of clouds from my window


Selfie with my seatmate, Nicole! Though I transferred seats later on because I want to see the view


Touch down Taipei!!!

Eunice tryna steal my spotlight. HAHAHAHA

Rode this awesome bus. It became awesome because of my tired yet still energetic friends!



Janna was so tired, she decided to rest


The lobby of our hotel was so full of lively Filipinos! Other guests were probably wondering why.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eunice and I were roommies!


And you will love the view of the street from our room

Yeah, I know, it’s just an intersection. But hey! Ain’t it Instagram worthy??

3. When we had an ocular visit to the conference venue

With our wonderful adviser, Sir. Rene, as our guide


We had heaps of fun along the way!

I was so excited! Even in the MRT, I didn’t let the chance pass

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To take photos of my favorite people


And more of them!!!

Even if it is hard, Jackie did her best.


And this time when Victor had the time of his life. Boys are now jealous of you, Victor.


And that smirk.


I won’t miss this when Trix makes landi with Victor while no one is watching. Well, I do! BWUAHAHAHAHA!!


Way to go Victor!


I will never forget this “THE COOL KIDS ARE HERE, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” walk, which basically made my night.


Don’t mess with the drunkards if you want to live long!


I love you girls! Forever!

4. The actual conference

This time when we had our opening ceremony


Subtitles please?

Loving this train outside the venue hall!

Welcome to DISEC!


Wherein I met new friends!

Benilde Delegates in DISEC are also featured!


And this “The delegate of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is present and voting” greetings every roll call


When we just decided to have a photo shoot after the conference because we don’t know what to do and where to go

What’s with the senti mode Jade… and Euei? Uhm… You both are not in a music video so…

This photos of Jay that became my favorite


This moment when I asked Jay to take a photo of me


But the shot in my camera looks like I’m seducing him. Why, Jade? WHY???


This sassy *flips scarf* which Jade can only pull off


This bad ass picture of me and Jay


Because he opposed the “Gangstah” idea


We got tired of being fierce, so we decided to be candid


But Jay seems to like this pose better, which I was not informed to do


Matchy-matchy scarf!!  ❤

When we got many awards!!!


Thanks for the flowers Kuys Rae!!

5. Social nights!!!

When I asked someone to take a photo of me with the Taipei 101 at the background, but it can’t become any more blurred.

I’m talking about me. The photographer has a problem with me. What’s the problem… uhm… Jade?


Apparently, this attempt too:




Seems like I have no luck with Taipei101

This one too when I asked Jade to get me a good shot

I look like an Emo Mama. HAHAHAHA

But then I suddenly twisted my ankle


This was really painful. No kidding!

6. When I became their official photographer for their “look back” pose

“Did you say picture?”


“Oops… too much. A little candid I guess?”


Take 2 for Einas


Kuya Rae was feeling artsy with it

Jayjay’s the master for this pose. No questions asked.


Bad photographer ruined it. Sorry Jay!!

Meanwhile, Eunice can’t be stopped!!



She’s very grateful that this pose was invented; feeling every moment of it.


It seems like this “look-back pose” will bring her soulmate to her!


Blue-jacket guy for the win!

She requested for more! This time, Jackie joined her.


Of course, I should at least have some of that pose too right? We need equality in this nation.


What’s with the wind??
Opps, wait! Gotta pose fist before I chase my soulmate! lol, just kidding!

But this is what I love the most!


Let’s make that a little alluring…

Uhhh… that’s not alluring Euei, you look like you just pooped. AND THAT’S NOT EVEN “LOOK-BACK” ANYMORE!


7. When we went to Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO)


I got a chance to have a photo with the MECO Director



And after the visit, I decided to have that fail “grab a cab” pose


Why fail? I’m facing the wrong side. So, I decided to do it again


Gotta do that pose fast or else a real cab will stop.


I did it again when we go to the National Museum




8. That time when we weren’t able to follow our itinerary because YOLO

9. TAIPEI101!!!

Pau went to the observatory floor and this is what happened while waiting for her


Pau discovered what we did behind her back, so she made us pose for more. With her of course

10. Night market and street food! (Deym those strawberries)


More photos of my fam!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

11. When I saw my baby panda at the Taipei Zoo



12. The Taipei Zoo adventure itself with Eunice!!

Eunice trying to be part of the panda family


Us trying to interact with these creatures



And when I thought I saw my soulmate



13. That dinner at the very hygienic Modern Toilet Restaurant


This piece of shit was tasty!

Photo retrieved from Pau 🙂

I wan’t able to hold myself, I marked my territory immediately.



And they were overwhelmed!



14. And of course, those strategies to get a stolen photo of my friend’s crush by taking a portrait of my other friend

It was really a friend’s crush! I have my own! Lol

He’s the guy at the back ^


But then a photobomber came in and thought that I was taking a photo of him. LOL.

^ Laughed so hard when I saw this. HAHAHAHA

So I just went and took my other friends’ shot so I won’t look suspicious

PS: I’m such a great friend! Jayjay got kilig afterwards. HAHAHAHAHA

15. Lastly, when I never had the chance to talk and have a decent photo with my “for that event only” crush.

So I went back to our hotel heartbroken.









No photo?

Read #15 again.

But I got a group photo with him! Look for him at #4.

Bye!! Huhuhu


What do you think of my first travel abroad? Send me your insights by leaving a comment and liking this post!

Soft Push on the Back


Do you know or remember the song Just Once by James Ingram? It’s not really my favorite song, but the first line of the song just give me the feels.

I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.

If you will limit your understanding of the song to just a love song, then you won’t really see the deeper meaning to it, most especially if you’re someone who’s having difficulty about achieving your goals or dreams.

Poetic of me? Kinda. Dramatic of me? Maybe.

Actually, I set aside all the important things I should be doing right now. I’ve decided to because I can’t work feeling burdened; feeling heavy. I need to load off in order for me to work faster.

Let me tell you my story on how I got into this position.

Honestly speaking, I was that person who does things halfheartedly. May this be small things, like doing daily exercises or daily journals, to big things, like being involve with extra-curricular activities or tasked to write a news article. Now that I remember it, I haven’t really finished something that I can brag about. Not actually to even finish a goddamn poem unless it’s for class and I’m under time pressure. I was a loafer in an informal term.

My younger self prefers procrastinating a lot– just watch TV series or just read comic books or novels–  than do things like running around and deal with stressing things. My younger self would probably set aside her homework to pirate the latest songs on Billboard or stalk her crushes’ profile on Facebook or Twitter. My younger self would probably make an excuse that she is actually patient– patient in waiting for that new movie on YouTube to load if WiFi is bloody slow. My younger self is actually nothing but a free loader and problem builder in the house.

Yes, I was that useless. Yes, I was that irresponsible. And I got what I deserve.

I got demoted from my position in my varsity, though my adviser still considered my seniority; I got grades that was really disappointing; I got more bullies because of my sloppy look and poor interpersonal skills; I got close friends who just became acquaintances.

I asked myself what happened wrong– blamed the people, the scenario, the life I had– never really asking what efforts did I do in order to get what I want? I blamed myself for being born the way I am. I tried to change, but it seems like I only became a laughing-stock. I tried to be more authoritative by joining the CAT in order to gain respect, but only made people notice my feckless personality.

One day, I suddenly asked myself a question: what is my purpose in this world? If you will analyze me, I have no established talent, no high IQ, no overwhelming wealth. I practically have nothing.

Here are the tweets I posted to remind myself about the great responsibility that came after I accepted the opportunities that came to me. Pardon for my punctuation, I was really emotional when I was writing it.



36th Manila International Book Fair

I went to the SMX Convention this noon to buy new books for my collection. I actually spent my 2 weeks allowance just to buy these magnificent works.

One might think that it was not a practical action to do this kind of absurd thing– that I forsaken my meals and necessities, since I live in the dorm. However, this kind of thing is not preposterous to me. One who does not appreciate literature wouldn’t understand.

I love the smell of books in the morning. The texture of the paper every time I  turn the pages give me absolute satisfaction. The words craved on the book leaves feed me. No one wouldn’t understand unless they feel the same way. No one would.

Hopefully, the next time I will go to this book fair, I would be with someone who feels the same way.